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What is MPG?

Almost every athlete would agree the mental aspect of their sport is crucial to reach a high level. The problem is most athletes don't know how their mind works or how to train it effectively.

Mental Performance Gym provides this opportunity! With completely individualized consultations we listen to your situation and the issues you have been dealing with on and off the field. Then we work on developing mental skills that can help enhance your performance and overall wellbeing!


Chris DeMarco

Chris DeMarco is a mental performance consultant who previously worked for the Center for Performance Excellence in Denver, CO. After earning a Master's degree in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver, he decided he wanted to bring mental training to his hometown of Charleston, SC. Thus the inception of Mental Performance Gym. Chris has a background of working with athletes in both the mental and physical realms, and he has years of experience as both a mental performance consultant and a strength and conditioning coach. He was also an athlete himself, playing collegiate golf, and earning all state honors in high school in golf, tennis, and basketball. He continues to play multiple sports to stay competitive and for enjoyment.
Chris is passionate about athletes not only enhancing performance through mental training but also their overall wellbeing and mental health.

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