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Chris DeMarco

Chris DeMarco (M.A. CMPC, CSCS) is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant for Mental Performance Gym LLC, Charleston Battery, MUSC Health and Wellness Institute, and LTP Academy.

Chris works with athletes who compete in events on the: WTA, ATP, PGA, MLS, USL, FIFA, & NCAA D1. 

He has worked with All-Americans, Surgeons, Special Operations Air Force, and Business Executives on achieving optimal mental performance in high stress environments. 

Chris completed his Master's in Sport and Performance Psychology from the University of Denver. Additionally, he has a B.S. in Sport Science from Queens University of Charlotte where he was a scholarship athlete on the Men's Golf team. 

What is MPG?

Almost every athlete would agree the mental aspect of their sport is crucial to reach a high level


The problem is many athletes don't know how to train it effectively.


Mental Performance Gym provides this opportunity!


With completely individualized consultations we listen to your situation and the issues you have been dealing with on and off the field. Then we work on developing mental skills that can help enhance your performance and overall wellbeing!

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