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Consultation Services

1 on 1    Consultation

Our 1 on 1 service is completely tailored to your situation and needs. We listen and assess what is going on and then teach you the tools to train your mind and use it an effective way. You will have the full attention of your consultant and we will collaborate on a plan that will be fit to your performance domain.


Team Consultation

MPG's team consultations are all encompassing. We won't just come in and tell you what to do and how to run your team. What we will do is observe both practices and games to help determine what will be most effective during our team sessions. The team sessions have input from the coaching staff, the team, as well as us. This way you are working on skills and topics that are most pertinent toward your teams situation.


Performance Observation

Sometimes the best way for us to help is to come and watch a game/performance. It helps inform us on how we can best consult you going forward. During the observation time you have our full attention and service to ask questions and seek counsel. You will also get detailed feedback after the game what our thoughts were to help guide you on areas we can improve on going forward, and areas you performed very well.

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